New World ILM, Leveraging The Cloud and FAST

Star WarsIn a galaxy far far away (ok, only around 2004/2005) the storage industry was a buzz about “Information Lifecycle Management“.  The principal was quite simple, put information on the right cost of storage at the right time and manage it using policies from the day it’s created to the day we take the preverbial shotgun to it.  In the world of information and storage management, this always sounds a little more simple then the actual practice as there is no “ILM partcode”, rather, it’s a management practice that takes numerous technology pieces working in unison to help us effectively achieve it.

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The Refined Cloud – Bringing Perspective to the Cloudy Cloud

In the past few years, we’ve been getting all kinds of messages of what the cloud is.  If you speak to Google, Amazon,, EMC/VMWare, IBM and HP, you would have gotten many different versions of “What is the cloud”.  Even listening to guys John Dvorak when he continually moans when Leo Laporte dives into “the cloud”.  Definitions have been heavy and if you aren’t saying cloud, you aren’t cool.  Of course, I have been jumping up and down annoyed with the various marketing “geniouses” (wish I had a way to convey sarcasm here) take on the cloud.  Nothing makes my eyes roll more then the Microsoft Cloud commercials.

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EMC to Bring Documentum to the Hybrid Cloud!

Today at the Momentum conference, Rick Devenuti presented to us their plans of a hybrin-cloud offering.  For those who live the life of Documentum operations, this is very interesting as we all know how much babysitting any enterprise grade application needs and the CAPEX/OPEX costs that come with this.  Documentum itself does  want allot of love and when left without attention does eventually tend to throw its own hissy fits, forget about patching of the operating system and application itself!

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Oracle Database to the Private Cloud! (Really, it’s true this time!)

Traditional Oracle RAC DBOne of the biggest challenges with traditional RDBMS systems is how to make them move into the cloud (and not just into IaaS).  Amazon recently announced that they will be offering an Oracle service but the issue at hand is that ultimately, it’s a pure IaaS service.  Yes, I can either put up my licenses or pay-as-I-go for Oracle, but it’s not quite what I envisioned.  Cloud’s basic principals is to allow data to live everywhere and nowhere, computing can grow and shrink in an elastic nature transparently.

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SAN Storage Architecture Simplified, Forever?

Dodo BirdIn the recent while I have been watching the practice of storage architecture and operations changing in it’s most fundamentals ways.  While none of the product announcements or products themselves are new, EMC is really changing the game.  The days of of the mystic art of calculating IOPs, read/write ratios, spindle performance and raid types are starting to go the way of the Dodo bird.  With the introduction of Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD), block level automated migration of data (based off of performance trending), thin volumes and disk pools, things are bound to change.  None of these individual items are new in their availability to the market but they’ve never really been mixed together to really provide us the value to the industry. Read more of this post

Easing Documentum User Adoption Using Adobe Flex

From anyone who’s ever introduced Documentum to a new user base can probably attest, the biggest risk is not technological or related to the deliverables themselves, it’s the adoption of a given interface or tool by the end-users.  Users often make a judgment on a product first by the GUI or access mechanism and then by (and this is often a far second) the technical merits/drawbacks of a platform.  As the saying goes “Perception vs Value”.  Compound that by all the other challenges like change management, politics (sorry, the evil word), acceptance testing, et cetra, it can become quite a fun time.

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Making Managing and Deploying VMWare vSphere Networking a Sinch

The title is pretty lofty, but having lived many VMWare deployments, I wouldn’t say networking under VMWare is rocket science, but there are a few things I’d give a few tips on.  Now, there’s bound to be many more, and I’d invite the hive mind to add their own experiences to my own or tell me that I’ve got it all wrong, either works!

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Documentum Development under vCenter Lab Manager – Lessons Learned

I promised a few “lessons learned” and here they are!  Our initial implementation worked well, but there were little gotcha’s.  These were not really Lab Manager specific issues, rather our implementation.  None of these were show stoppers, but they were noticable enough that we decided they needed to be addressed.

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Using VMWare Lab Manager to Speed Up Documentum Development

Recently, I have been having a fun old time working with our Documentum Platform team in the delivery of new solutions.  As with any enterprise platform, there’s always a large overhead in managing development and QA environments.  This becomes especially a problem when there are many different projects needing infrastructure at the same time, whether it’s net-new solution development, regression testing, evolution of an existing solution, user training and infrastructure changes.  This is further compounded when the environments are physical as the workload to maintain the environments can become quite excessive, both for IT and IS.

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