Easing Documentum User Adoption Using Adobe Flex

From anyone who’s ever introduced Documentum to a new user base can probably attest, the biggest risk is not technological or related to the deliverables themselves, it’s the adoption of a given interface or tool by the end-users.  Users often make a judgment on a product first by the GUI or access mechanism and then by (and this is often a far second) the technical merits/drawbacks of a platform.  As the saying goes “Perception vs Value”.  Compound that by all the other challenges like change management, politics (sorry, the evil word), acceptance testing, et cetra, it can become quite a fun time.

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Using VMWare Lab Manager to Speed Up Documentum Development

Recently, I have been having a fun old time working with our Documentum Platform team in the delivery of new solutions.  As with any enterprise platform, there’s always a large overhead in managing development and QA environments.  This becomes especially a problem when there are many different projects needing infrastructure at the same time, whether it’s net-new solution development, regression testing, evolution of an existing solution, user training and infrastructure changes.  This is further compounded when the environments are physical as the workload to maintain the environments can become quite excessive, both for IT and IS.

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