New World ILM, Leveraging The Cloud and FAST

Star WarsIn a galaxy far far away (ok, only around 2004/2005) the storage industry was a buzz about “Information Lifecycle Management“.  The principal was quite simple, put information on the right cost of storage at the right time and manage it using policies from the day it’s created to the day we take the preverbial shotgun to it.  In the world of information and storage management, this always sounds a little more simple then the actual practice as there is no “ILM partcode”, rather, it’s a management practice that takes numerous technology pieces working in unison to help us effectively achieve it.

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Oracle Database to the Private Cloud! (Really, it’s true this time!)

Traditional Oracle RAC DBOne of the biggest challenges with traditional RDBMS systems is how to make them move into the cloud (and not just into IaaS).  Amazon recently announced that they will be offering an Oracle service but the issue at hand is that ultimately, it’s a pure IaaS service.  Yes, I can either put up my licenses or pay-as-I-go for Oracle, but it’s not quite what I envisioned.  Cloud’s basic principals is to allow data to live everywhere and nowhere, computing can grow and shrink in an elastic nature transparently.

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SAN Storage Architecture Simplified, Forever?

Dodo BirdIn the recent while I have been watching the practice of storage architecture and operations changing in it’s most fundamentals ways.  While none of the product announcements or products themselves are new, EMC is really changing the game.  The days of of the mystic art of calculating IOPs, read/write ratios, spindle performance and raid types are starting to go the way of the Dodo bird.  With the introduction of Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD), block level automated migration of data (based off of performance trending), thin volumes and disk pools, things are bound to change.  None of these individual items are new in their availability to the market but they’ve never really been mixed together to really provide us the value to the industry. Read more of this post