Documentum Development under vCenter Lab Manager – Lessons Learned

I promised a few “lessons learned” and here they are!  Our initial implementation worked well, but there were little gotcha’s.  These were not really Lab Manager specific issues, rather our implementation.  None of these were show stoppers, but they were noticable enough that we decided they needed to be addressed.

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Using VMWare Lab Manager to Speed Up Documentum Development

Recently, I have been having a fun old time working with our Documentum Platform team in the delivery of new solutions.  As with any enterprise platform, there’s always a large overhead in managing development and QA environments.  This becomes especially a problem when there are many different projects needing infrastructure at the same time, whether it’s net-new solution development, regression testing, evolution of an existing solution, user training and infrastructure changes.  This is further compounded when the environments are physical as the workload to maintain the environments can become quite excessive, both for IT and IS.

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